27 July 2018

Vancouver Park Board stops the music at fitness centres and pools

Tunes will no longer be played in gyms or during public swims

CBC News · Posted: Jul 26, 2018

The Vancouver Park Board announced Thursday that its fitness centres and indoor pools will no longer play music as of Aug. 1.

Donnie Rosa, director of recreation with the Vancouver Park Board, said the decision was made after they received some feedback.

"People with auditory impairments, they wouldn't come use our facilities because of the background music," Rosa told On The Coast's Gloria Macarenko.

It also caused arguments between patrons and staff, who disagreed about what should be played over the speakers, Rosa said.

"Really, it came down to creating a space that was welcoming and inclusive for everybody."
A bit of backlash is expected, but Rosa said being inclusive is the priority.

 With files from On The Coast

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