06 January 2015

Vacancies on citizen committees

From the City of Vancouver website: 

Vacancies on civic agencies, boards, and committees occur periodically throughout the year.
If you are applying as a representative for another agency (for example, as the SUCCESS representative on the Chinatown Historic Area Planning Committee), apply through that agency.

Current vacancies

We are currently accepting applications for the following committees:
  • Active Transportation Policy Council
  • Arts and Culture Policy Council
  • Children, Youth, and Families Advisory Committee
  • Chinatown Historic Area Planning Committee
  • Civic Asset Naming Committee
  • Cultural Communities Advisory Committee (formerly Multicultural Advisory Committee)
  • Development Permit Board Advisory Panel
  • First Shaughnessy Advisory Design Panel
  • Gastown Historic Area Planning Committee
  • LGBTQ2+ Advisory Committee
  • Persons with Disabilities Advisory Committee
  • Public Art Committee
  • Renters Advisory Committee
  • Seniors’ Advisory Committee
  • Urban Aboriginal Peoples' Advisory Committee
  • Urban Design Panel
  • Vancouver City Planning Commission
  • Vancouver Civic Theatres Board
  • Vancouver Food Policy Council
  • Vancouver Heritage Commission
  • Women's Advisory Committee
Applications are due at 5:00pm on Friday, January 30, 2015.

How to apply

  1. Learn about the committee
  2. Check that you meet our criteria
  3. Apply for the vacancy