03 December 2015

Park Board Support for Refugees

At the 16 November 2015 meeting of the Park Board I submitted the following notice of motion. It will be debated at the regular meeting of the Park Board on 14 December 2015.

Notice of Motion: Refugee Support
Moved by: Commissioner Mackinnon
Seconded by: Commissioner Wiebe

  • Whereas our city has a long and proud history of welcoming refugees and helping them start new lives with hope, security, and freedom here in Canada;
  • And that Vancouver and communities across the country have a longstanding commitment to welcoming refugees and their families in times of need. This is the heart of our inclusive, compassionate, and diverse city;
  • And that Vancouver has taken steps to increase our capcity to welcome refugees, and we will continue to do so--the City has contributed $4.1 million in land and grants for the construction of an innovative new Vancouver Welcome House for refugees.
 Therefore be it resolved that the Vancouver Board of Parks and Recreation work with the City of Vancouver, our Community Centre Association partners, and the Immigrant Settlement Services (ISS) of BC to support refugees living in Vancouver;

And that staff report back to the Board of the measures taken to welcome and support refugees.

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