02 December 2015

Have your say on the 2016 Vancouver Park Board Budget

A 2016 Budget information document has been posted on the City of Vancouver website and is available for your review.  Please note that the Park Board section is on pages 172-190, however there are many other references to the Park Board throughout the report (e.g. highlights, strategies, accomplishments, future plans, etc.).  

A special meeting of the Park Board is scheduled for Tuesday 8 December 2015. For more information or for speaker registration you can call the Park Board meeting lines at 604-257-8158.

At the 8 December meeting the Commissioners will be considering the staff reports concerning the 2016 Fees and Charges - Revenues Services and Parks, as well as the 2016 Operating and Capital Budgets. Links to these reports are now posted.

Your input is important. Check the Park Board website for more information.

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