19 October 2011

On November 19th you can make a difference for Parks and Recreation in Vancouver.

You can re-elect Stuart Mackinnon as your Green Park Board commissioner. For the past 3 years Stuart has been fighting hard for you and your values:

Parks as Parks - working to end the commercialization and politicization of our parks and recreational facilities

Parks as a reflection of our community - working to keep our parks beautifully maintained and realistically funded

Parks as a reflection of our values - helping to save the Bloedel Conservatory and working to improve the VanDusen Botanical gardens

Parks as places of refuge and play - allocating under-utilized areas for community flower gardens

Parks as places for people- keeping our public washrooms open and making sure they have soap and hot water

Community Centres as places for everyone - fighting to keep fees fair; fighting against charging fees to infants and toddlers

Community Centres as safe places for community recreation - fighting for renewal and neighbourhood services

Neighbourhoods as peaceful places to live, work and play - fighting against noisy machines that disturb the tranquility of your home

On November 19 make one of your votes count for parks and recreation.

Re-elect Stuart Mackinnon, your Green Party commissioner.

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