04 October 2011

A Funny Thing Happened on the Way to the NEFC Development Plan

A new North East False Creek development report goes before council on Thursday. It has a lot of people talking and it isn't all favourable. Somehow over the many drafts a new boathouse/dock for the dragon boaters was left out. Dragon boating in False Creek is a legacy from Expo 86 and there was always the promise of a permanent home when Creekside park was finished. The Dragon Zone, as it is called, has been using the dock on the south side, which has caused no end of problems as dragon boaters compete for space with the false creek ferries.

Also missing is a big chunk of parkland--well not so much missing as moved. The new plan calls for a reconfiguration of Creekside park extension from one suitable for a playing field, to a linear one not suitable for a playing field. This change was previously presented to the Park Board and the elected Commissioners defeated a motion to reconfigure the park.

The question now is will the Commissioners break their promise to the community and rescind their motion to not reconfigure? I certainly will not. And I will continue to advocate for a new home for paddlers on the northeast side of false Creek.

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  1. Stuart: On a personal note and as a Park Commissioner (1986 - 1990) when the debate began, I must look at the final plan as the community was promised a 'useable park' and the 'water craft dock' was always anticipated. Also, I trust that a beach configuration like CRAB Park is included as its inclusion in the earliest plan was the catalyst for the then Public Health Officer to begin the formal and mandated process of capping the sewage outlets in the Creek to better ensure that the water quality would be such that you could actually, touch it.

    Off to a Mount Pleasant CC Association Executive meeting -- so may write more later.