20 June 2018

Preserving and protecting parkland in an urban landscape is our duty

 This is a letter I wrote to the Regina Leader Post after a resident of Regina contacted me concerning the proposed building of a commercial development in Wascana park. You can find some background information from this CBC link.

Park should be preserved

Letter to the Editor of the Regina Leader Post  June 19, 2018

I love Saskatchewan. I don’t visit as often as I would like, but when I do, it always feels special: The wide-open spaces, the slower pace in many parts and the sheer beauty of every part. Regina fills my heart because of the wise decision made years ago to surround the legislature in a beautiful park. Anyone who visits Regina knows Wascana Park. Anyone lucky enough to live in Regina knows that it is part of what makes the city so special.

I have the honour to be an elected Commissioner of the Vancouver Board of Parks and Recreation. My duty is to preserve and protect our parkland including Stanley Park. It is a responsibility I take seriously. For me, our parkland is sacred. It is held in trust not only for today, but for the generations that come after.

Preserving and protecting parkland in an urban landscape is our duty because once we give it up it is gone forever. Land is limited and so is money. To give up any portion of a park is to betray those that come after us; to deny them the opportunities that we have had.

The business of Saskatchewan lies with the people, and I wouldn’t dream of interfering with your governance, but when I heard that parts of Wascana Park were being given over to commercial development it broke my heart. Such a beautiful place, that so many love and enjoy, should be preserved for all, and for always.

Stuart Mackinnon, Vancouver

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