08 May 2017

A Pivotal Election in British Columbia

To all my friends in British Columbia. Tomorrow is election day:

1. If you haven’t already, please vote. This is a democratic right denied to many. Not to participate is to be complicit in their oppression.

2. Vote for the candidate of your choice—not someone else’s. A vote cannot be split; a vote cannot be wasted—unless you don’t vote.

3. In my riding of Fraserview, I am voting for the New Democratic candidate George Chow. George is an honest and decent man and he has the best chance of defeating the Attorney General Suzanne Anton. It was the AG who had to sign off on the Supreme Court appeal on contract stripping—an appeal that resulted in a bench decision upholding that contract stripping is illegal. This alone makes her unfit to serve.

4. My politics are still green, but in this riding (Fraserview) and this election I have to make a choice: to allow the re-election of the Liberal incumbent, or vote for her defeat—I’m just lucky that I also have someone who I can vote for: George Chow.

5. We can’t afford 4 more years of lies and sleaze and the same old/same old. That’s why I am voting for change. Please vote your conscience—but above all PLEASE VOTE.

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