24 January 2017

Ending Cetaceans in Captivity--Doing it right.

Last night at the Park Board meeting I supported the motion to refer the cetaceans in captivity plebiscite motion to staff for a report back to the Committee. I did this because it is only at the Committee that members of the public can speak--a rule I oppose. The public should be able to speak to every Commissioner motion (these only come to Board meetings).

I still firmly believe in a plebiscite, but am willing to entertain other ideas to end the captivity of cetaceans in Vancouver parks sooner. It is through public process that ideas can be shared.

Shame on the opportunistic pundits/politicians who accuse me of changing my mind on this. I have been steadfast in my opposition to captivity since I began my political 'career'. I just happen to believe that we 'must not only do right, but must be seen to do right'. By listening to the public we can be seen to do right. This is the essence of democracy.

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