20 September 2011

Noise and Nonsense: Setting the record straight

There has been a lot of silliness in the media recently about the Green Party of Vancouver - and myself in particular - in an alliance with other civic parties. This is nothing more than noise and nonsense. The Green Party of Vancouver (GPv) is not in an electoral accommodation of any sort with any other civic political party. At the spring Special General Meeting the GPv membership voted to work with COPE if that party turned down a deal with Vision Vancouver. They did not and so the GPv is running as an independent group. We are not formally or informally aligned with COPE, Vision, or the NPA.

During this term I have worked with Vision, COPE and the NPA on motions I felt were in the public good. As I wrote in an earlier blog, I will continue to work with any other individual or group who shares my values and the Green perspective on individual initiatives. To rule out cooperation because of differences in other areas would be petty and foolish and would be against the public good.

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