26 November 2009

One of the many letters I have received from someone I have never met.

Over the last two weeks I have received more correspondence than in the entire previous year. Not all of it necessarily favourable, but nonetheless it is a sign about how passionate Vancouverites are about their parks. The following is one I received after last night's vote on the 2010 budget allocations. I wanted to share it because it sums up so succinctly my own view of our beautiful city:


Thank you very very much for voting no. The city I love is the one with tree-lined streets, parks in every neighbourhood, quaint fish and chips stands on the beaches, a train in Stanley Park, and a magnificent dome at the top of the city to give us all a glimpse of precious plants and birds we all need to cherish.

Best of luck,
Drew Meikle

Here is a portion of my reply:

I still have a little bit of hope left in me that a ground swell of citizen support can change things, and barring that, that a private benefactor will come forward to offer some support for the conservatory. Maybe I am a misty-eyed idealist, but I still have some optimism left in me (perhaps rare for some one in politics)--maybe that's why I am a Green.

Thank you Drew.

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