29 September 2009

Park Board Commissioner wants you to wash your hands

Press Release: 29 September 2009

Green Party Park Board Commissioner, Stuart Mackinnon, wants you to wash your hands. “Health care professionals say that hand washing is our best defence against the spread of infection” says Commissioner Mackinnon, “and public washrooms maintained by the Park Board are on the front line of that defence”. At the October 5th meeting of the Park Board, Commissioner Mackinnon will be putting forward a resolution that will ensure that soap and, where possible, hot water is available in as many Park Board amenities as possible. “Washing with soap and water was what our parents taught us to do—and it was good advice” commented Mackinnon.

“For many people, public washrooms are a necessity and the place where they will be able to wash their hands on a regular basis” continued Mackinnon. “The more we wash our hands, the less chance of the spread of infection.”

Families using playgrounds, sports players using fields, people just enjoying our parks and tourists sight-seeing all need places to wash their hands, says Mackinnon. Having soap and if possible, warm water, increases public health and makes everyone’s life a little better. “Why should anyone have to buy some fries to be able to wash their hands?” continues Mackinnon in a reference to having to use restaurants rather than public amenities, “soap and water should be available in public amenities.”

Commissioner Mackinnon’s motion will be debated on Monday, October 5th at the regular meeting of the Vancouver Board of Parks and Recreation at the Park Board Office, 2099 Beach Avenue.

For more information, contact Commissioner Mackinnon at 778-389-1956 or e-mail to: stuart.mackinnon@vancouver.ca

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