20 January 2009

Hollow tree will be preserved

By Christina Montgomery, The Province January 19, 2009

If technology is any match for Mother Nature, Stanley Park's hollow tree will be preserved.

The Vancouver parks board voted last night to attempt a manoeuvre to stabilize the dangerously tilted ancient red cedar.

Under an engineering proposal commissioned by the ad-hoc Stanley Park Hollow Tree Conservation Society, the tree will be jacked up into a normal, upright position and held in place with spiked metal roots that will be invisible to viewers.

Green Party Commissioner Stuart Mackinnon cast the lone vote against the plan, arguing that the 1,000-year-old tree should be allowed to decompose naturally.

It is hoped the work, funded by more than $75,000 and in-kind contributions raised by the society, will be done by June, in time for the tourist season.

The board voted in spring to take down the tree after winter windstorms left it at a dangerous angle. It later agreed to let the conservation society put together a plan to save it.
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1 comment:

  1. Thanks, Stuart for being the one voice willing to vote 'no' on this idea. At least it won't be funded by the taxpayers but it's still a dumb idea! Just think what good this money could do instead of saving a dead tree stump!
    Oh well. . .