24 September 2008


Media Release
Wednesday, September 24, 2008

(VANCOUVER) The Vancouver Green Party has ratified a co-operation agreement with Vision Vancouver, and have endorsed Gregor Robertson as their candidate for Mayor of Vancouver. The Vancouver Greens met last week to discuss their election strategy, and voted to work co-operatively with Vision and COPE to bring progressive change to City Hall.

"I want to make Vancouver a leader in environmental sustainability, and I am thrilled to receive the Green Party of Vancouver's endorsement," said Vision Vancouver Mayoral candidate Gregor Robertson. "This is about a new kind of politics: different parties working together to bring progressive leadership to all levels of government in Vancouver."

"I am honored to be the Green's choice for Mayor of Vancouver, and will work hard to be the greenest Mayor Vancouver has ever had."

The purpose of the cooperative agreement is to ensure progressive candidates are elected at all levels of municipal government in Vancouver, and that a broad coalition of voices be presented to the electorate. It is not a joint campaign or a coalition, but rather an agreement to work together cooperatively on areas of common concern. Between Vision Vancouver, the Green Party, and COPE, there will be no overlap in candidates nominated.

"We are proud to be endorsing Gregor Robertson," said Green party deputy chair Desmond Rodendour, who oversaw the Green Party's nomination meeting. "The Green Party is looking forward to working together with Vision and COPE in a way that will help give the people of Vancouver what they want - a progressive government with political parties working together on their behalf."

The agreement means the Greens will not run against the City Council and School Board candidates nominated by Vision and COPE. On Park Board, one space was left for the Green Party, as well as Electoral Area A, which represents the UBC Endowment Lands and other areas of the region not represented by a municipality on the board of Metro Vancouver.

The Green Party of Vancouver nominated Stuart Mackinnon as their candidate for Vancouver Park Board, and Ben West as their candidate for Electoral Area A.

"This is a great time to be Green," said Parks Board Candidate Stuart Mackinnon. "People understand the immensity of our environmental challenges and that our voice is needed around the table. We are eager to get to work on their behalf."

Ben West, Green Party chairperson and the party's nominee for Electoral Area A, also reiterated the excitement about working together.

"This is an exciting time politically for people in Vancouver. We have an opportunity to address our ecological responsibilities and to make change for the better" said West. "With Gregor Robertson as our Mayoral candidate, Vision, COPE, and the Greens can work together to bring progressive leadership to all levels of local government."



Vancouver Green Party
Ben West – Chairperson & Electoral Area A candidate 604 710 5340
Stuart Mackinnon – Parks Board candidate 778 389 1956
Desmond Rodenbour – Deputy Chairperson 604 512 4487

Vision Vancouver
Ian Baillie – 604.761.5540

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