02 May 2016

Water Conservation Measure

Motion on Notice 
2 May 2016 Meeting of the Vancouver Board of Parks and Recreation

Moved by: Commissioner Mackinnon
Seconded by: Commissioner Wiebe

Whereas it is the City of Vancouver’s desire to be the greenest city;

And that the City of Vancouver is adopting the long -term target to capture and treat 90% of Vancouver’s average annual rainfall through the implementation of green infrastructure (GI) on public and private property throughout the City;

And that the VanDusen Botanical Garden could use captured water for its needs during times of restricted water use;

And that an unused reservoir lies within the VanDusen Botanical Garden;

Therefore be it resolved that the Vancouver Board of Parks and Recreation ask the City of Vancouver to the re-activate the VanDusen reservoir;

 And further, to work with the City to allow this captured water to be used to irrigate the VanDusen botanical collection at times of restricted use of water.

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