18 May 2016

Notice of Motion: Barrier Free BC

At the 16 May 2016 meeting of the Board of parks and Recreation I put the following motion on notice. Hopefully it will be debated at the meeting on Monday 30 May 2016.

Mover: Commissioner Mackinnon

British Columbians with disabilities encounter a variety of physical, sensory and technological barriers as well as ones related to communication, education, employment, attitudes and many others on a daily basis.

And whereas
The Federal Government of Canada is working toward the goal of enacting a Canadians with Disabilities Act which will require goods, services and facilities which come under their jurisdiction to be accessible to all persons with disabilities.

And whereas
A Canadians with Disabilities Act will only apply to goods, services and facilities made available through Federal Ministries and federally funded programs with no ability to apply a similar requirement on goods, services or facilities made available through provincial governments or provincially regulated businesses.  

And whereas
The Government of British Columbia launched a non-mandatory; non legislated initiative entitled "Accessibility 2024" on June 16 2014 with the goal of making BC the most progressive province in Canada for people with disabilities by the year 2024.

And whereas
The Vancouver Board of Parks and Recreation has been a leader in providing accessible and inclusive programming and facilities.

Be it resolved
The Vancouver Board of Parks and Recreation formally supports the Barrier-Free BC movement  that is calling upon BC's Legislative Assembly to enact a strong and effective British Columbians with Disabilities Act.

You can find more information on Barrier Free BC at: barrierfreebc.org

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