02 May 2016

Letter: Langara’s green space needs protecting

April 29 2016

Re: “Is Vancouver really running out of land?” April 14.

It is always a pleasure to read Michael Geller. His knowledge is vast and his experience unparalleled. I am surprised how often I am in agreement with him. But his idea to build housing on Langara Golf Course and the Sixth Avenue berm is very wrong-headed. One of the reasons he gives is one of the very reasons we should not — the value of the land. Once that land is taken out of green space it can never be replaced — certainly not in those neighbourhoods. With the huge development at Oakridge and the new development on the Dogwood/Pearson lands, green space becomes even more important for the Langara area. Vancouver’s natural beauty is worth protecting. Our children not only need places to play, but also places to enjoy and explore nature. We all need places of tranquil refuge from our busy lives. The animals and birds that help make our city lives enjoyable need places to nest and raise their young. Let’s think of new and innovative ways to build more housing, but let’s not take away the pleasures that make living in Vancouver worthwhile.

Stuart Mackinnon, Park Board Commissioner, Green Party of Vancouver

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