20 June 2018

Preserving and protecting parkland in an urban landscape is our duty

 This is a letter I wrote to the Regina Leader Post after a resident of Regina contacted me concerning the proposed building of a commercial development in Wascana park. You can find some background information from this CBC link.

Park should be preserved

Letter to the Editor of the Regina Leader Post  June 19, 2018

I love Saskatchewan. I don’t visit as often as I would like, but when I do, it always feels special: The wide-open spaces, the slower pace in many parts and the sheer beauty of every part. Regina fills my heart because of the wise decision made years ago to surround the legislature in a beautiful park. Anyone who visits Regina knows Wascana Park. Anyone lucky enough to live in Regina knows that it is part of what makes the city so special.

I have the honour to be an elected Commissioner of the Vancouver Board of Parks and Recreation. My duty is to preserve and protect our parkland including Stanley Park. It is a responsibility I take seriously. For me, our parkland is sacred. It is held in trust not only for today, but for the generations that come after.

Preserving and protecting parkland in an urban landscape is our duty because once we give it up it is gone forever. Land is limited and so is money. To give up any portion of a park is to betray those that come after us; to deny them the opportunities that we have had.

The business of Saskatchewan lies with the people, and I wouldn’t dream of interfering with your governance, but when I heard that parts of Wascana Park were being given over to commercial development it broke my heart. Such a beautiful place, that so many love and enjoy, should be preserved for all, and for always.

Stuart Mackinnon, Vancouver

19 June 2018

Vancouver park board rejects separate review of Langara Golf Course

Commissioners will continue with long-term strategy of looking at future of all parks

10 June 2018

Plant thieves still at work at Vancouver's parks

VANCOUVER (NEWS 1130) – It appears some people are doing more than ‘smelling the roses’ while strolling through Queen Elizabeth Park.

Several flowers were recently stolen from the rose garden at the park with someone putting an ‘I was stolen by a plant thief’ sign in their place.

Vancouver Park Board Chair Stuart MacKinnon doesn’t know who put the signs up but says the theft of plants is an ongoing concern.

“It’s an unfortunate fact of city living that some people will come in at night and take things that don’t belong to them,” he says “We rely on the public to be honest and to enjoy the plants that are in the park and to let others enjoy it as well.”

He says their parks are not policed at night and while they tell people not to go in them, some disregard the rules, adding when people steal from parks, they’re stealing from the community.

His message to the thief or thieves: “Be respectful and mind that other people come into our parks to enjoy the plants as well,” he says “You can always go to your local nursery and buy a plant for your garden and leave the ones in our parks for everyone to enjoy.”

News 1130

07 June 2018

Vancouver Green Party to nominate candidates on June 27

The Vancouver Greens will nominate their slate of candidates on Wednesday June 27 at the Heritage Hall (information here). At that meeting the membership will also vote on whether to support the Vancouver and District Council (VDLC) proposal on electoral accommodation with the other progressive forces in Vancouver. The proposal calls for 9 Green candidates, 3 each at Council, Park Board, and School Board (3-3-3). The VDLC will endorse a Mayoral candidate at a later time.

There are 17 seeking Green nomination, including 7 for Council, 4 for Park Commissioner, and 6 for School Trustee, thus ensuring a contest for all 3 levels of civic government.

At Council the nominees are:
Denise Brennan
Terry Martin
David Wong 
Pete Fry
Michael Wiebe
Adriane Carr
Francoise Raunet
 At Park Board the nominees are:
Stuart Mackinnon
Dave Demers
Mash Salehomoum
Camil Dumont

 At School Board the nominees are:
Lois Chan-Pedley
Alex Dow
Estrelitta Gonzalez
Nicholas Chernan
Janet Fraser
Ralph Fraatz

You can learn more about the prospective candidates here and you can meet them on Friday June 8 at a special 'meet and greet' event at the Performing Arts Lodge, 581 CARDERO St, Vancouver, BC from 6- 9 pm. Just follow the link to RSVP.

I am one of the nominees for Park Board Commissioner. I actively seek your support. You can support my nomination by joining the Vancouver Greens here and coming out to vote on June 28.

For more information about me visit: www.stuart4parks.ca

06 June 2018

Candidate names to be listed in random order on 2018 election ballot

City of Vancouver
Information bulletin
June 6, 2018
Vancouver City Council has voted today to list mayoral, councillor, and Park Board commissioner candidates in random order instead of alphabetical order on Vancouver’s municipal election ballots.
The update to the election by-law was requested by Council to create a more even playing field for candidates. Research has shown many voters are more likely to vote for those listed first on a ballot, meaning that candidates at the top of an alphabetical list are perceived to have an advantage over those lower down.
As this will be the first year Vancouver voters will vote with a random order ballot, Council has approved $235,000 for strategies to prepare voters for the change.
The confirmed randomized list of names will be circulated well ahead of the election, supported by additional communications to ensure voters feel informed and know what to expect at the voting place. Voters will also be strongly encouraged to vote in advance in anticipation of longer vote times expected on Election Day.
As well, more staff and more voting booths will be available at voting locations wherever possible, to offset longer vote times and ensure assistance for those who may need extra support to vote.
The City does not have control over the list order of candidates for school board trustees. The school board has authority under the School Act, and the City’s Election Office will seek direction from the board on their desired order of names for the 2018 election ballot.
For more information, read the full report to Council:
Media Contact:
Corporate Communications