17 November 2011

Kind words & Endorsements

From: VanRamblings:

Stuart Mackinnon, Green: In the face of an almost constant attack from the Vision majority on the Park Board, Stuart consistently acquitted himself with aplomb, dedicating himself always to the public interest, and the interests of the parks system in Vancouver. Stuart didn't always vote the way I wanted him to, but at least he was able to provide a logical rationale for why he cast a vote the way he did. In some sense, Stuart MacKinnon was the star on the last Park Board, advocating for the public interest, engaged, informed, and very much deserving of your vote in 2011.

From: Michael Geller

1. Stuart Mackinnon-Green Party I met Stuart during the last election, and while I don't know him really well, and certainly don't always agree with his positions, I think he's the most decent and dedicated person I know running for public office. He has a challenge, since he hasn't raised much money, and the Greens have been somewhat shunned by Vision. However, I would like to think that people who know him will support him, and his name recognition will help him get elected. Moreover, running for the Park Board under the Green banner seems a natural, doesn't it?

From: Alex Tsakumis:

On Saturday, save a vote for Stuart Mackinnon–he loves this city and understands the need for REASONABLE means to deal with our environmental issues. And I agree.

He’s a stand up guy, who will do this city proud for the coming term–as he did last term.

Please re-elect Stuart Mackinnon for Park Board.

From: Vancouver Courier:

Another incumbent to consider is lone Green Stuart Mackinnon, who has navigated the ideological divide on the board while acting as a voice of reason.

From: the Mainlander:

2. Stuart Mackinnon – Vancouver Green Party

Over the past three years, Stuart has had the confidence and political will to stand up to dominant voices on Parks Board. When developer funded parties control every elected City authority, the ability to voice opposition is key. Stuart stands in opposition of the privatization of Vancouver parks, the expansion of the Vancouver Aquarium, or any other business taking up more park space. We believe Stuart will continue to stand up against the privatization of Vancouver Parks, which, as budgets at higher levels of government are cut, could become the most important Parks Board issue. As a caveat, we disagree with Stuart’s stance on and attitude towards gentrification.

From Frances Bula:

Those who want to express their opposition to Vision’s handling of park-board finances could consider voting for the Green Party’s Stuart Mackinnon


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