16 November 2011

Green Commissioner Mackinnon to Seek 'Salmon-Safe Certification' for All Vancouver Parks


(Vancouver), Green Party of Vancouver Park Board incumbent Stuart Mackinnon will seek ‘Salmon Safe certification’ for all Vancouver Parks. Salmon-Safe offers a series of peer-reviewed certification programs linking land management practices with the protection of agricultural and urban watersheds.

“Keeping our parks and natural spaces safe for all wildlife is important. Making sure we aren’t harming the environment means more than just rhetoric,” said Commissioner Stuart Mackinnon. “We want to make sure our city is really doing what it says it is,” Mackinnon continued.

Salmon-Safe certification begins with an assessment of management issues including irrigation efficiency, stormwater management, pesticide reduction, conservation of native biodiversity, and streamside and wetlands area management. System-wide evaluation of municipal or other public park systems is backed by rigorous assessment of individual sites to evaluate whether management is consistent with best management practices for avoiding harm to stream ecosystems.

“Every park in the city of Portland is now certified. If we truly are going to be the greenest city in the world by 2020 we better start proving it,” said Mackinnon. For more information on Salmon-Safe certification go to: salmonsafe.org

To volunteer or for more information on the Green Party’s campaign, please visit vangreens.ca or call 604-689-9233.

On November 19, add some Green to your vote.


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