28 July 2011

The Silly Season

Summer is often called the silly season in politics. Not enough news so news has to be manufactured. The summer before a fall election seems to be the silliest. Here in Vancouver we have an abundance of announcements coming out of city hall, with politicians all over the radio and TV. Letters flying decrying this or that, accusing each other of what not. It seems to me that a lot of people need a vacation.

As the election approaches I wanted to share with my readers something that was posted on another blog. An anonymous blogger who calls himself Glissando Remmy said that if he ever ran for anything this would be his platform:

‘I’ll do the best I can, with the resources at hand, for all the people of Vancouver. Period.’

Now that's a platform I think we could all support. I'm checking out for much of August. For the first part I'll be attending a mindfulness retreat with Thich Nhat Hanh called 'Awakening the Heart', and then hopefully heading out of town for a well earned rest. When I return I'll let you all know my plans for the autumn.

In the meantime try to get outside and enjoy the sunshine.


  1. Have a well deserved rest Stuart. Maybe make some jam...
    Julianne Doctor

  2. Hi Stuart

    Enjoy the retreat (I would love to go to that retreat too!) and it will set you up for a very good rest I'm sure - rested and ready for the pre-election shenanigans!


  3. I was nicely pleased to come across my "platform"... and thanks for posting that! Isn't that all one needs to say, really?!
    Glissando Remmy is a 'He' not a 'She'
    More here : http://twitter.com/#!/glissandoremmy