20 July 2011

City council's budget cuts create 'meadow look'

To the editor:

Re: "Central Park: Thigh high," July 13.

The "meadow look" is just a euphemism for budget cuts at the park board. Parks and boulevards look unkempt because the money needed to keep them tidy and trim was cut by city council in last November's budget, something I fought against. If the park board wanted to make some park areas into meadows I would support the idea going out to public consultation.

The problem is making them into meadows would cost money--money to dig up the grass and then plant native species. Instead we have invasive species like morning glory, Himalayan blackberry and English ivy running rampant. We don't have meadows full of wild flowers, but unkempt parks full of weeds. Meadows? Absolutely, but let's have that discussion. And let's have full funding for parks and recreation in the meantime.

Stuart Mackinnon,

Green Party park commissioner

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