02 August 2011

Green Parks Commissioner Stuart Mackinnon To Seek 2nd Term

PRESS RELEASE: 2nd August 2011

Stuart Mackinnon, Green Party of Vancouver (GPv) Park Board Commissioner, announced today that he will seek a second term on Vancouver’s Board of Parks and Recreation. Elected in 2008, Stuart has been a champion of parks as places for play and relaxation, and has fought against the continuing cuts to the Park Board budget, as well as the increasing commercialization of public spaces.

“The past 3 years have seen the severest cuts to the Park Board ever. I believe that parks and recreation deserve better and I want to continue the fight to preserve, promote and protect our public spaces” said Mackinnon. “A strong voice for parks as places of natural refuge and healthy play is necessary to keep Vancouver amongst the greatest cities in the world. I want to continue to be that voice.”

Mackinnon will seek the Green Party of Vancouver’s endorsement at their nomination meeting scheduled for early September. Mackinnon believes in cooperation at the municipal level but supports the Green Party’s independence. “I will continue to work with any other individual or group who shares my values and the Green perspective on individual initiatives. To rule out cooperation because of differences in other areas would be petty and foolish and would be against the public good” commented Mackinnon. Earlier in the summer the Green Party of Vancouver chose to run candidates independent of an electoral alliance with other municipal parties.


Stuart Mackinnon brief bio:

Stuart Mackinnon, a secondary special education teacher at Killarney Secondary school, was born and raised in Vancouver. After travel and work in diverse areas of the world including Malaysia, China, and Quebec’s James Bay region, he settled in the Killarney/Fraserlands neighbourhood of Vancouver. Stuart is the board secretary of the Axis Theatre Company, as well as a director of the Wilderness Committee. He is involved with his professional association, the BCTF, as a member of his local school team. Stuart has been a Trustee of the Vancouver Public Library, a member of the Canada-China Education Association and was formerly Chair of the BCTF Assistance Society and the Society Promoting Environmental Conservation (SPEC). Stuart was elected to the Vancouver Board of Parks and Recreation in 2008 representing the Green Party of Vancouver.

For more information – contact: Stuart Mackinnon: 778-389-1956 or

Green Party of Vancouver Chairperson: Desmond Rodenbour: 604-512-4487

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  1. The Vancovuer Society for Promotion of Outdoor Pools is encouraging this Park Board and City Council to replace Mount Pleasant Outdoor Pool using green technologies. We have not received any statements of interest from Park Board on this initiative to date.