28 February 2011

Tweets and twitters; robbing Peter to pay Paul

I have entered the world of Twitter (for those interested you can find me @betterparks) and have found a whole new world. Tonight Brent Granby of COPE was twittering at the Board and tweeted that I did not support the Board funding the Homeless Shower program. This is incorrect. As I stated at the meeting, I fully support the program--after all I brought the motion to supply soap and hot water in all PB public facilities because I believe everyone has the right to be clean. What I objected to was the vote to take money from one program to pay for another. The Board voted tonight to take money from the golf course maintenance contingency fund to pay for our budget short-fall and the shower program. If city council had given us a sufficient budget, we would not have a deficit to make up and we could fund new initiatives like the homeless shower program. It surprised me that Brent would send this out. COPE Commissioner Loretta Woodcock was absent tonight, so I don't know how she would have voted, but like me she voted against the budget in December which included the idea of taking money from other programs to pay for the deficit.

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