04 February 2011

Enquiring minds want to know...

I just had a call from a member of the press asking if it was true that I would be running for City Council in the next election. My response was that it was news to me! I have not yet decided if I will run at all, let alone for City Council. This is the second call from the press on this topic. I suppose with the next civic election just over 10 months away, people are starting to get interested. It is true that I have been asked by some people I respect very much if I would run for Council.

My time on Park Board has had its disappointments--especially the nastiness of some of the other Commissioners in their personal attacks. I don't mind a good debate--in fact I long for it, as real debate has been conspicuous in its absence at the Park Board--but there should be no room for petty personal attacks. Parks and green spaces seem to have taken a back seat to other issues this term. The continuing cuts in services and programming due to budget constraints, and the lack of interest in the environment for most of this term have also been disappointing. Pet projects and political posturing have been the biggest priority it seems to me.

I have devoted much of my adult life to serving the community in one way or another, and what I need to decide is if politics is the best way to make my contribution. Those who know me know I talk about the almost magical childhood I had growing up in Vancouver parks. I loved both the summer and winter days at the beach, the sunny days at the outdoor pools with my family and friends, and the terrific programming at my local community centre. And then of course all the time spent in my local park and the really magical outings to Stanley Park and the Bloedel Conservatory. It is the memories from my childhood that drew me to the Park Board and advocating for parks and green spaces.

I am proud of my advocacy both on and off the Board and will continue to advocate for those things I believe in. There are still many things I want to achieve for my community. As I told the Straight, I just have to decide if I can best do that at the elected level.

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