24 January 2012

More great news: Cllr Reimer calls for electoral finance reform

Vision Vancouver is calling for electoral-financing reform
Vancouver CKNW AM980
Gord MacDonald | Email news tips to gmacdonald@cknw.com

The governing party at Vancouver City Hall wants a ban on corporate and union donations in civic election campaigns. That and a number of other ideas to reform the local election system are in a motion being put forward by Vision Vancouver Councillor Andrea Reimer. As well, she wants more than just spending limits.

"The provincial government has, through that election taskforce, committed to putting in spending limits. But we have been asking for contribution limits and bans on contributions from non-individuals for quite a long time, and we're hoping that Premier Christy Clark, will consider expanding the legislation to include the spending as well as the contributions."

Reimer says the idea is to create a level playing field for all candidates and parties.

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