25 January 2012

Civic Financial Reform

I applaud Andrea Reimer and Vision Vancouver for the motion to seek electoral financial reform in Vancouver. Of course this is really a matter for the provincial government through amendments to the Vancouver Charter, but they will only act on a request from the City. The Province has been very lax in its changes to modernize our charter and if they ever to do an overhaul we may be in for a dramatic change in the way we hold elections in the city.

In the meantime, if Vision Vancouver, the NPA, COPE, and any other civic party, wants to show they are serious about reform, they will make a commitment here and now that they will not accept any donations from business or labour, and will set a cap on the amount individuals can donate. They could also set voluntary spending limits. Adriane Carr of the Green Party has already made a commitment not to accept donations from non-individuals.

It is all well and good to petition the provincial government, but until the Province enacts legislation, it is little more that talk. Actions speak louder that words. Let's have a commitment now, before the legislation--if it ever happens--is enacted. Let's make sure the next civic election is when real electoral financial reform starts.

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  1. Interesting concept to only accept donations from individuals, presume this is so cannot be seen to be supportive of any particular business or company?