10 October 2019

Vancouver Park Board’s newest park adding to livability of East Fraser Lands

October 8 2019 – 

Neighbourhood Park South—part of 10 hectares (25 acres) of new parks and green space planned for the East Fraser Lands—is open and already becoming an important part of the new and growing community.

Located just north of the Fraser River and framed by two low-rise towers to the east and west and Riverwalk Avenue to the north, the 1335 square metre (0.33 acre) park features platform benches and picnic tables, as well as robust planted berms composed of native vegetation and a variety of trees including beech, vine maple, and mountain hemlock.

Heart of a new neighbourhood

“It’s a modest park, but one that is rapidly becoming the heart of Vancouver’s largest and last new waterfront neighbourhood that will eventually be home to 15,000 people,” said Vancouver Park Board Chair Stuart Mackinnon.

Neighbourhood Park South is part of the Vancouver Park Board’s commitment to create 25 acres of new parks and green space in the East Fraser Lands (also known as the River District).
The parks and green space will link to riverfront trails and connect visitors to the Fraser River – British Columbia’s longest and most storied river.

Enhancing access to nature

The greenway portion along the Fraser River will support the Park Board’s Biodiversity Strategy by enhancing access to nature for residents and increasing habitat for local birds and wildlife.
Design and construction of all parks in the East Fraser Lands are funded through Development Cost Levies. Construction of Foreshore and Kinross parks is anticipated to begin in 2020.
The site is being developed by Wesgroup Properties and will eventually house more residents than Yaletown.

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