04 August 2019

Keep our parks safe: Public asked to respect BBQ restrictions and park smoking ban

August 2 2019 
 Vancouver parks and beaches are busier than ever at this time of the year so the Vancouver Park Board is reminding visitors to respect barbecue restrictions and park smoking ban.

Barbeque restrictions

On the day of Celebration of Light (one more on August 3) no barbecues are allowed between the Park Board head office at the entrance of Stanley Park to just south of the Inukshuk in English Bay Beach, whether it is on grass or the beach.

Barbecues are permitted elsewhere in Stanley and English Bay and other parks, but must be 75 cm (29.5 inches) off the ground.

All beaches and parks are smoke-free 365 days a year

The Park Board’s primary goal is voluntary compliance through education with fines issued when necessary. Smoking is subject to a $250 fine and Park Rangers will be enforcing this bylaw.

Since early May we have responded to 28 fires in Stanley Park alone, the largest one covering an area approximately 50 meters by 50 meters. This fire was caused by a discarded cigarette.

Rangers rely on the public to be our eyes on the ground and report any fires or smoke. Discarded cigarettes and open flame are still the biggest issues we encounter. To date, 15 tickets and 250 warnings have been issued to people breaking the smoking bylaw. In addition, the Vancouver Police Department has issued tickets with a $575 fine to people for dropping or releasing a burning substance under BC’s New Wildfire Act .

The fire risk is currently low-moderate and is posted on fire hazard signs in heavily wooded areas—Stanley, Jericho Beach, and Everett Crowley parks, as well as at some concessions.

Park rangers on patrol

Extra rangers are being deployed during the fireworks and they work closely with our colleagues at Vancouver Fire Rescue Services and VPD to ensure that everyone plays by the rules and has a safe, enjoyable experience.

Uniformed rangers act as the Park Board's ambassadors in more than 240 city parks and are responsible for bylaw enforcement, monitoring play fields, finding missing persons, first aid, fire patrol, as well as work with Vancouver Fire and Rescue Services, Vancouver Police Department and BC Ambulance Service.

The rangers also respond to homeless issues and connect those in need to appropriate services.
The public is asked to phone 3-1-1 if they require a Park Ranger’s assistance.

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