16 May 2017

No More Captive Cetaceans

Here is a Facebook posting from David Isbister, one of the community leaders on this initiative.  David is a Vancouver born and raised small business owner, activist, musician, and speaker who has worked in Support (Addiction, Autism, Eating Disorders) and makes plant-based specialty foods in East Vancouver. He has kindly allowed me to reprint it here on Betterparks for Vancouver.

This one is for fellow activists.

First of all, I woke up today feeling honoured and humbled to know all of you. I usually do of course but today it was a succinct feeling of accomplishment. 

Together, we focussed on one incredible action. We seized the opportunity to do some positive work for Qila and Aurora also in the name of a long, sorrowful stream of other Cetaceans who didn't want to die. We were patient and resolute in the face of so many lies and manipulation, and we didn't take the bait to step outside our goals and do damage to our own campaign. 

We have all known that a dedicated group of individuals can take action and make a difference but it can be hard to believe when we see what kind of power and money we were up against. I'm so happy for us.

To my tenacious, intelligent, brave, happily odd, caring, altruistic friends and acquaintances in activism: thank you for all you do, all you did, all you will do. 

Let's not forget we also inspired tons of other action and protest- even aquarium attendees and employees got in on the action and used lots of our skills and framework they observed to run their own single action last night for the first time. They might not have the right cause but it was great to see people inspired by our actions mobilize. :) This was because the only way to overcome our steady perseverance was to employ the same energy. It was great to see that outside there last night. 

Friends: thank you from the bottom of my cynical not always totally trusting and somewhat sarcastic heart. You all make me believe and I hope I can contribute to your future campaigns and goals the way you so kindly contributed to this action. Thanks for wearing the shirt

Another huge thank you has to go to 6 of 7 Park Board Commissioners who stayed the course and FINALLY expended some political currency and did what is right. This I am sure was not easy and I bet was also annoying and exhausting. Which for us initially was the point but we saw the caring human side of politicians. Pardon my initial cynicism. I apologize. 

This is likely not over. And animal abuse at the Aquarium or in Stanley Park isn't over. We'll need to build on this to end captivity. Horse Carriages, modified Sting Rays in a touch pool, and so much more needs addressing. And outside the city, we have a poorly run dilapidated old zoo that needs to change for the better in huge steps or close all together. We can also use our unique insights to even help humans as well. Please, let's continue to grow this movement as it is a good time for humans and animals to benefit from reality being observed and acted upon. 

I met some incredible people through this and strengthened my friendships with others. I'll be adding tagged comments throughout the day to individually thank people as well. 

To everyone who wore the shirt, turned up in the freezing rain, went and leafleted, promoted other activist projects and helped add support in any and every way, my deepest most sincere thanks. Overwhelmed with joy to speak some of our voice, but truly honoured to have a chance to take on a huge issue in our city together and get it done. 

I love you. I thank you. I appreciate you. I see you. I won't forget you. We are strong together because of us as individuals plain and simple. Thank you for making an incredible set of historic moments. 

No more dead cetaceans.

David added this further comment: 

Stuart Mackinnon you stunned me with your speech and bold stance on all of this. I appreciate you for how long you have been at this and how much we learned about the political process through your gentle instruction. I was truly incredibly moved- we all were - by your sensitivity and deep understanding of this issue. Thank you so very much

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