23 March 2016

Renewing playgrounds

The Vancouver Park Board owns and maintains 159 playgrounds for your family to enjoy year-round.
Many of our playgrounds are at the end of their lifespan and need renewing to ensure they remain fun and safe places to play.

All of our playgrounds were inspected in 2015 for compliance with CSA standards. The findings identified playgrounds that need immediate upgrades and ranked them in order of importance.
Find out what playgrounds we will rebuild and remove in 2016, and the ones we plan to renew by 2020. Let us know how we should renew the removed playground locations.
Map of playground changes

Current renewals

We're rebuilding these playgrounds in 2016 using designs that reflect what we heard from the community during our public engagement process in 2015.


We're removing these playgrounds in 2016 due to their age, condition, and safety concerns. Nearby playgrounds offer a safe and enjoyable play experience.
  • Champlain Heights Park east walkway playground
  • Clark Park east playground
  • Guelph Park central play structure
  • Langara Golf Course trail by Ontario Street
  • Riverfront Park West
  • WC Shelley Park
Note There may be plans to renew these playground locations once the structures are removed. Tell us what you'd like to see in place of the structures below.

Questionnaire: How should we renew the removed playground locations?

 We want to know what you'd like to see in place of the structures we're removing.


Tell us in our online questionnaires – one per playground – until April 1, 2016. Your responses will help us understand how to renew the playground locations.

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