23 May 2014

I believe in better parks and recreation for Vancouver.

It is strange to think that the ideas I was fighting for in 1999 are still the issues 15 years later. Below is from the original BetterParks site that I started in 2001. Values never change.
I have always cared passionately for our parks and green spaces. Growing up in Vancouver was like growing up in a magical land, filled with green fields, tall trees, forests, sandy beaches and sunny days at the poolside. I want every child to be able to share this experience. 

 Parks and community centres are the lifeblood of our city. They should be open to all—not just the wealthy and not just for those lucky enough to live near a destination facility. Parks and community centres are for everyone.

 We must re-examine recreational fees to ensure fairness and equal access. We have a special responsibility to our elders and those on limited and fixed incomes, to make community centres affordable.

 Every neighbourhood should have the opportunity of having recreational facilities. The closing of neighbourhood pools must stop. Our parks are the refuges of the city for people and wildlife. We must preserve and promote them as green spaces.

 The unionised workers in the parks system have a vested interest in promoting and preserving them and should play an active role in their management.

 Stanley Park is a natural treasure; it is our duty and responsibility to protect it for all future generations. We must stop the destruction; we must stop the expansion of the aquarium; and we must stop the commercialization of this jewel in the crown of Vancouver.

Working together we can have better parks.
from BetterParks.ca circa 2001

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