07 September 2013

Sue Me, Sue You Blues: What's going on at the Park Board?

The gloves are off, finally. The My Vancouver Community Centres group is taking the City and the Park Board to court and the Park Board has retaliated by issuing the 90 day notice of severing the Joint Operations Agreement with those community centre associations. Surreal to say the least. And so predictable unfortunately. One Community Centre Association - Hastings CC - has had a partnership with the Park Board for almost 80 years. Now that is all water under the bridge. What's gone wrong? If you have been reading this blog, or the Op-Ed pieces I have written for The Province, you'll get my perspective, but here is another great backgrounder on the issues at play. CityHallWatch has managed to briefly put the time-line into a great posting entitled "Park Board intends to terminate agreements with 6 Community Centre Associations – The back story and some pieces of the puzzle . I encourage you to read it.

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