16 May 2013

Another successful campaign

The ballots have been counted, the signs have been collected and the dust is starting to settle. Thank you to my incredible team of Ann and Byron, to my friend Susan and my colleagues Joanne and Donald who came out to help and to Louis for setting up the donation link. Thanks to the Killarney Service students who helped out too as part of their learning. Thank you to those who asked for a lawn sign. And a HUGE thank you to the kind people who donated money to the campaign.

It is amazing what a handful of volunteers and $2500 can do. Imagine if we had had more. 

Our goal was to give the voters a choice and we did that. My goal was to get 1000 votes and we did that --final result was 1230 votes, a 25% increase over the previous election.. So I would say the campaign was a success. We didn't split the vote or steal the vote. We earned our votes.

Time for a bit of a rest, collect our breath and then back into the fray. There is much to be done.

Thank you all for your support.

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