04 July 2012

Reality Check: Langara Golf Course

There is a lot of misinformation floating around about Langara Golf Course.

Some say it is private--wrong. It is a public course owned and operated by the Vancouver Park Board.

Some say that it is open only to golfers--wrong."Langara Golf Course’s treed greens are surrounded by a popular walking and jogging trail. Along with the tennis courts and playground along the way, the tree-lined trail has wonderful filtered views of the golf course and surrounding neighbourhood."

Some (the mayor of Vancouver for one!) say there is a dearth of bio-diversity--wrong. There is a huge variety of trees, shrubs and flowers. It teems with birds, mammals and insects. I would venture to guess that there is far more bio-diversity there than most playing fields in the city.

By all means let's have a debate about the land, but let's get our facts straight. Personally I have no objection to some or all of the land being converted to parkland--though the golf course does bring in much needed revenue to the park system--money that would otherwise come from tax dollars. But the idea that this land could simply be usurped by the city to build housing is wrong--unless of course they would trade land on a 2 to 1 basis for land of equal or better value. Then we could talk about housing. But that will never happen because land values are far too high. The very reason we should not lose this parcel. It would be impossible to ever replace it.


  1. I agree. I don't object to a study of what the neighbourhood and stakeholders (includling the golfers!)would like. Perhaps there is a demand for a shorter, 9-hole course; my parents when they were retired preferred this, both because it cost less, and once they were older, still walkable (no cart needed). I would add, that in my interactions with people in south-central Vancouver, the most common "asks" I've heard are: (1)extension of and linking up of the river walks (currently only piecemeal, and mostly to the west (Deering Island, McCleery Golf Course, Fraser River Park)with nothing much to the east until you get to Gladstone Park east of Victoria Drive! and (2)Swimming pool, since both the outdoor pools at Marpole and Sunset Community Centres have been closed (Marpole in the mid-1990's, Sunset last operated 5 years ago).

  2. If you actually took the time to visit the clubhouse and see the rewards for sustainability or talk to the golfers you would find that the course has far more wildlife then I've ever seen at any park, including QE park. There are coyotes, bats, turtles, eagles, hawks, woodpeckers....I could go on and on.
    And also the course is a certified Audubon Society golf course.The groudskeepers are innovative and environmentally conscience - even building bat houses to naturally keep the mosquito and insect problem under bay.
    I don't understand the comments by people that there are not enough parks. There's a park just across the street (Cambie Park), Tisdal Park just up the street etc.
    As for reducing it to a nine hole course.....that would be the demise of the entire tract.
    Just leave it be! It's fine the way it is.