28 February 2012

Vision Park Board continues with their Bait & Switch routine

You might remember last year when the Vision dominated Park Board threatened to close washrooms in its bid to slash the budget ordered by City Council. This was a cynical attempt to goad the public into action, only to be saved at the last minute by a relenting Council. Meanwhile all the other cuts went through almost unnoticed.

This year's bait & switch was the proposed cuts to the Life Guard budget. The plan called for the removal of Life Guards from Jericho beach. Once again the public rose to the bait and convinced the elected not to cut this all but essential service. Meanwhile, another million-plus in cuts is coming down the line. More cuts to park maintenance, more cuts recreational facility maintenance. More 'one time only' savings that never seem to get back into the budget.

I thank the incredible work of the community in saving the life guards (and last year in saving our washrooms), but ask that you don't be lulled into a sense of false security--more cuts are coming. Tell the Commissioners and Councillors that enough is enough. Parks and recreation are important. Death by a thousand cuts is not acceptable. Vancouver's beauty is a result of decades of planning, planting, and maintaining our parks, gardens and recreational centres.

Enough is enough. Stop the cuts. Its time for full funding of our park board.

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  1. Thanks for raising this Stuart. I was at the Board meeting on Monday and after they voted on the amendment, the main motion should have been debated which was where the other cuts you mentioned were hidden. The Chair though claimed the amendment (lifeguards) was a strike and replace part of the motion and therefore they had voted on the motion. This is highly improper and needs to be re-visited.