20 April 2011

Working cooperatively for better parks

Some pundits in the blogosphere have taken me to task in the past for working with the NPA on certain issues--Jericho wharf for instance--yet never for working with COPE or Vision. As the lone Green Party representative I have a unique outlook on the Board, but must also work cooperatively with other parties to move ahead on what I consider important issues. This was evident last Monday when COPE's Loretta Woodcock and I, once again, worked cooperatively to try to stop the expansion of the the aquarium.

I believe I have been consistent in my opposition to the continuing expansion of commercial ventures in our parks. The expansion of the Aquarium was another example of this. The Vision and NPA commissioners voted together to approve the expansion, while the COPE and Green commissioners voted against it.

I will continue to work with any other individual or group who shares my values and the Green perspective on individual initiatives. To rule out cooperation because of differences in other areas would be petty and foolish and would be against the public good.

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  1. Great post Stuart. It's important to emphasize the importance of reaching across the table and standing up for what is right. Tip of the hat to Loretta Woodcock as well :).

    Scott Andrews