17 March 2011

helping our animal friends in Japan

Further to my previous Blog about Ultimate Loyalty, anyone wishing to help our four-legged companions in Japan can contact any of the following volunteer agencies. They too need our help and donations.

Heart Tokushima
Animal Refuge Kansai (ARK)
(PayPal donations can be made through ARK)
Japan Cat Network (JCN)
Animal Garden Niigata
Nippon SPCA

Another way to find out what is happening or to donate is:
at Facebook

Here is a note from ARK:


14th March 2011

ARK will accept as many animals as possible, those made homeless from the TOHOKU-PACIFIC earthquake and tsunami which occurred on 11th March.

The tragedy keeps on unfolding. Thousands of people are dead or missing and we can assume that most animals in the path of the tsunami, perished. Being a rural area, most dogs would have been chained, unable to escape. Foreigners are being recalled to their countries by their companies for their safety. Already we have a cat called Maggie. We had to pick her up from Kansai airport, as her owner left for Germany.

We are especially concerned about the number of pets left unattended in homes by people forced into the evacuation centres near the nuclear power plant in Fukushima, It is not clear how many would have been allowed in these centres with their owners. Others in evacuation centres have lost everything and if they have pets, will probably have to give them up.

Our office in Tokyo as well as foster homes will be able to take in some animals, others may be brought by air, once airports are open, to Osaka. We are preparing spaces to take them in here in our Nose shelter. We are also thinking of building a temporary shelter on the land in Sasayama (about 40 minutes from ARK by car). At present the land there is being prepared for building but no construction yet. Any donations will be used for the animals made homeless in this terrible disaster. Thank you all for your concern and help. We will do our best for these animals.

Elizabeth Oliver Chairman of the Board of ARK

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