10 December 2010

$7 million for a birthday party but not enough to cut grass or plant flowers?

On the Global news tonight they had a report of the plans City Council has for celebrating Vancouver's 125th anniversary next year. Two birthday 'bashes' are planned, one in the spring and another (for 3 days) in the summer. The total cost is reported as close to $7 million dollars. Now I'm all for celebrating the good things in life, but at a time when the Park Board is considering closing washrooms, planting fewer flowers and not cutting grass in some parks, as well as other cuts to our Libraries, one has to wonder where City Council's priorities are? Four days of parties or a year's worth of washrooms, gardens, fields and books?

And a note -- I just received notice that the regularly scheduled Park Board meeting on Monday night will not be discussing the budget. Instead a special meeting has been convened by the Board Chair for Thursday, 16 December at 7 pm to discuss the 2011 Park Board budget.


  1. Sounds pretty crazy to me. Why not set up one stage, bring on the best high school bands and choirs to showcase the school board, set up a few water fountains, and poof, its a party, for roughly $20000.

  2. They just do not get it do they Stuart?

    Bikelanes, Partys , new offices for the mayor, sounds like there isnt a shortage of money just the wrong set of priorities!!

    Keep up the good work Stuart!