21 September 2010

Bloedel Conservatory Saved!

Park Board unanimously voted for the proposal from the VanDusen Botanical Garden Association and the Friends of Bloedel to jointly manage the Conservatory. Here is a video clip from Global News.


  1. Thanks to VanDusen and the Friends of Bloedel for saving this landmark in QE park.

    Vancouver is lucky to have such strong citizen advocates for their
    facilities. Advocates who volunteer their time and expertise making our communities better.

    Studies show lack of marketing was a major issue and directly responsible for the dwindling attendance. The Park Board did not have the expertise and turned it over to Volunteers to run.

    It would seem to fly in the face of City Manager Penny Ballems address to Community Association
    Presidents in which she told them the "City could operate without the Associations"

    What are your thoughts Stuart?

  2. Community Associations will always be an important part of our Community Centres