09 May 2010

A Very Proud Moment...

There are certain events in one's life that are so special you wish you could hang onto the moment forever. Last Saturday was one of those. After three hard years of sacrifice and study I walked across the stage at the Chan Centre and was presented with a Masters hood and diploma for my MA Ed in Leadership and Administration. The day was made even more special as I gave my class valediction. My valedictory address was surely more nerve wracking than any political speech I have ever made, as I was speaking to my peers--a daunting task as my class was filled with very fine minds. It was a very proud moment and I was glad to share it with my friends Dr. Julie Wong and City Councillor Andrea Reimer. Conspicuous in their absence were my parents who did not live long enough to witness my achievement. This was all the more poignant as it was the Mothers' day weekend.

My love of learning and my inquisitive mind are what brought me to advocating for parks and natural spaces, just as they led me to teaching. I won't miss the lost weekends spent writing endless papers and reading long academic journal articles, but I will miss the wonderfully challenging classes and my fellow classmates who always inspired me to think in new ways. I was blessed to have had superb professors at the University of Phoenix (Vancouver) who gave of themselves beyond what was called for. Special mention to my mentor and my friend Dr. Joy Ruffeski, who inspired me to pursue my masters degree and then made sure I completed it! We are fortunate to live in a country that values education and I am fortunate to have been able to reach a level of education only dreamt of in my youth.

I will take the summer off from studying and spend some extra time with family and friends and then, who knows. I will always be a lifelong learner. I always figured that when I was too old to learn, then I'd be too old for life.


  1. Congratulations Stuart

  2. Stuart, just catching up on my reading and found this post from last month. Congratulations on your graduation and your valedictory speech!