24 March 2010

Continuing commercialization of public spaces

On Monday night I voted against the proposal for a Cactus Club Cafe at English Bay beach. I have nothing against the Cactus Club Cafe as a restaurant, I just don't think they, or any other corporate entity should be part of our public beach front. A concession is one thing, but a chain restaurant is another. I was genuinely surprised the vote was 6-1, as I was sure other commissioners shared my views. There are plans for more restaurants at Sunset, Second and Spanish Banks, and I fear that we will soon see not pristine shorelines but commercial ventures hugging the beaches.

Staff do a fine job planning what the elected officials ask them to do. I think it is time to tell staff to stop the commercial exploitation of our public spaces and find other revenue streams. Better yet, imagine if the Park Board was properly funded by our taxes. What a concept.

1 comment:

  1. I have to disagree Stuart. Staff do what they want and are seldom held accountable by the Commissioners.