28 February 2010

Olympic Gold

I'm thoroughly exhausted after Canada's win in Olympic hockey. What a game! And what a metaphor for the whole of the 2010 Vancouver Winter games. Hard work, perseverance and ignoring the sceptics wins the day. There were times when we thought it would be over before it began, there were nay-sayers who thought it couldn't be done and there were those faint of heart who didn't think it would be a success. But like our wonderful Team Canada, VANOC, Vancouver/Whistler, the Four Host Nations and the real people of Vancouver showed the world what it means to be Canadian. I am glad we hosted the games, I am glad they were a success, and I am glad so many people all over the world came to know our beautiful city.

But it is not over yet: in another couple of days we will host the 2010 Paralympic games. Hold on to your hats and stay tuned to your TV, more incredible athletics on their way!

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