18 September 2009

an independent Park Board

The e-mails and blogs have been flying fast and furious this week after Park Board General Manager Susan Mundick announced her retirement. I'm sure the cellular phone companies' profits will be up this month as well. Most of what has been written has been based on rumour, innuendo, leaked documents read without context, and speculation on what has gone on in meetings. Accusations have been made about who did what and when. None of this puts any part of our civic government in a good light and reinforces the negative view of politics and politicians in the public mind.

For the record, I believe in an independent Park Board that is accountable fiscally to the City, but politically to the citizens of Vancouver. The citizens elected me and the other Commissioners to oversee our parks and recreational facilities and it is to them that I answer to. If the citizens want to reexamine the role of the Park Board, I am prepared to engage in that conversation.

With so many problems challenging our city and so many opportunities to work in new and innovative ways, let's not squander our time on petty bickering and jousting for position. Let us all work together for better parks and a better city. It is what I ran for and believe I was elected to do. I intend to get on with the job.

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