02 January 2009

The Courier's pithiest letters to the editor in 2008- Stuart Mackinnon

As we began a new year of news coverage, the Courier recognizes the important contributions of readers who expressed their opinions on our letters page in 2008.

To the editor:
Re: "Parks board sends chainsaws to QE Park," July 9.

Only in Vancouver could a body elected to preserve and protect our parks vote to cut down 70 living healthy trees and then vote to protect one dead stump.

Stuart Mackinnon,

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  1. And only in Vancouver could a Parks Board member work actively to cut the heart of a very public park to save the edges of a very private golf course.

    Luckily for us, that member is now gone and you, Mr. McKinnon, are there instead.

    Good luck!



  2. I'm sorry I voted for you. Your misplaced ecofundamentalism is undermining the Hollow Tree and its value in Stanley Park as a a National Historic Site.

  3. It is hard to figure out how wanting a dead tree to decompose naturally is 'eco-fundamentalism' but we are all entitled to our opinions and hyperbole.

  4. Great letter, Stuart!