21 December 2008

Being careful what you ask for...

After one of our information sessions with staff I happened to ask if anyone could tell me which was the smallest park in Vancouver. I had had a discussion with a friend about this and thought one of the managers might have that information. It was asked in passing and when no one knew I didn't think about again until I received an e-mail, a week later, from a senior manager listing the ten smallest parks in the city complete with a photograph of the smallest! I wasn't expecting such an in-depth answer--or really even an answer at all. It made me realize how hard the staff works to keep the elected folks happy and current. Another question I asked, also in passing, was also answered completely and professionally. I'll have to remember not to ask questions in passing unless I really need to know the answer as I don't want to take up the staff's time unnecessarily.

Oh, and the smallest park? Quesnel mini-park at Quesnel Dr. and Mackenzie st.

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