18 July 2012

A letter sent to the PB Chair and Mayor of Vancouver from a citizen

The following is a letter sent to the PB Chair and Mayor. Please join us in writing to our elected officials to stop the destruction of one of the last natural foreshore in Vancouver.

Dear Sarah and Gregor. I have a simple question for you.

How does destroying one of the only remaining natural foreshores' in Vancouver improve the quality of life for a city the Mayor wants to make the greenest in the world?

A cement seawall will not improve the quality of life for the natural world that inhabits this amazing beach. You don’t need a seawall to come and enjoy this magical area. I know, I walk it everyday in summer and winter. Nature cannot be improved upon here. It is enough as it is.

To quote former Vancouver parks board commissioner Stuart Mackinnon ” I would suggest a better use for the millions of dollars required to build and maintain a seawall extension would be to maintain the parks and community centers we already have. Vancouver used to be a city with flower baskets and beautiful gardens maintained by parks employees who were proud of their work. Today, our parks and public gardens are neglected and ragged. Boulevards are unkempt and public litter bins are overflowing. Many of our community centers are aging and need replacing. Outdoor pools have been closed. There are only so many tax dollars to go around. Let’s use them wisely.”

It never ceases to amaze me how short sighted people are about the value of the natural world. Will we not be satisfied till every square inch is developed and covered in cement?

It’s disheartening to see our public officials proposing ideas with no wisdom or care about our true value as a community and a city, and with such blatant disrespect for the stewardship of our small piece of unspoiled paradise in Kitsilano. We can find seawalls all over this city, but where can we find another Point Grey Foreshore?

I voted Vision in the last two elections, but it seems unlikely I will do so again.

Thank you for allowing me to express my opinion on this proposal.

Kind thanks,

David Frank Gomes

Chief Possibility Officer
604. 254. 9842


God loved the birds and invented trees. Man loved the birds and invented
cages. -Jacques Deval, writer and director (1895-1972)

(This letter is reprinted with permission of the author)

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